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No Need to Panic!

Hi! My name is Artemis. This is a bit overdue. I’ve been developing board games with friends since high school and I’m only just now getting into the online scene. Better late than never!

If you’ve found yourself here from my social media, I’ll give you a little rundown of who I am and what I do.

For the most part I’m an artist, I like making the things that I like. So that mostly ends up being silly games and art like this:

To date I haven’t made any money off this stuff…

I taught myself how to make art, starting pretty much as soon as I remember. I’ve always been doodling and creating things since I was a kid, and that has sort of become part of what I do daily. I’m sort of trained in Graphic Design and Web Design, and I’ve been paid for it sometimes!

Currently I’m working on a passion project called Panic! The Board Game. It’s a silly game about drunken adventurers hired to defend a castle. I’m mainly planning to use this blog to detail the development and research going into making the thing. Hopefully you stick around!

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Artemis Ward

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